Root Canal Treatment in Hyderabad

Do you need a root canal treatment in Hyderabad? Then your search ends here because Capital Dental Care is providing you the best and painless root canal treatment in Hyderabad. Capital Dental Care is a specialized and committed dental care clinic to provide its patients a totally painless root canal treatment with complete customer satisfaction. Capital Dental Care root canal treatment cost is also reasonable for everyone to avail it. With advance treatment methods and modern technology instruments we aim to provide our patients superior dental care.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Reasons for Root Canal Treatment

Extreme and persistent tooth pain can indicate a root canal infection. It is necessary to treat tooth infection to prevent it from spreading. If untreated it can affect the overall health of a person with severe eating problems; thus affecting the quality of life.

Some of the reasons that indicate root canal treatment are:

At times, tooth pulp may become diseased without exhibiting any symptoms. In such cases, the tooth infection is usually diagnosed by routine dental examination, X-rays or during other dental treatments.

The Root Canal Procedure


The dentist injects local anesthesia near the infected tooth due to which the surrounding area is numbed and you won’t feel any pain throughout the procedure.


The dentist will drill and make an access on the crown of the tooth, to reach the infected tooth pulp. A needle like instrument known as files is inserted inside the root canal.


Then, the bacterial dental pulp tissue is removed from the tooth canal and cleaning and shaping of canals are done.


After the area is disinfected and dried, the dentist will fill it with a biocompatible material called as gutta-percha. A filling is done to close the access and a permanent crown is fitted to finish the treatment.


After RCT is done, Required post operative instructions will be given to the patient. 

Root Canal treatment – FAQ’S

Now-a-days with local anesthesia and modern technology painless root canal treatment is available. Some numbness, soreness, or mild discomfort may be present for one or two days after the treatment. The toothache is harder to tolerate than any pain felt post-procedure.

Usually, all dentists, including general dentist, can perform root canal treatment.  At times, depending on the severity of the tooth infection, your dentist may refer you to an endodontist.

This can be decided only after dentist examines the intensity of your tooth infection along with other diagnostic test like X-rays. Normally, preference will be given to save the natural tooth.

  • The Root Canal Treatment is mostly performed in three or four different sittings by the dental surgeons.
  • But with the availability of better and advanced dental techniques, dental specialist and highly trained staff single sitting root canal treatment can be done at Capital Dental Care.
  • At first the capital dental care dentist will administer a local anesthesia near the infected tooth area to cause numbness, so that you may not feel any pain sensation during the treatment.
  • With the help of a dental instrument tooth surface is drilled to reach the infected pulp tissue.
  • Then the capital dental care dentist cleans and reshapes the infected tooth canal part with antibacterial solution.
  • The dentist at capital dental care fills this empty canal with dental filling to close the root canal completely. A permanent crown is placed on the tooth surface so that the patient can chew the food just as before.

Capital dental care provides best root canal treatment cost in Hyderabad.

We follow strict hygiene and sterilization protocols along with providing quality dental care.

Our experienced dental specialists and highly trained staff will take care of your dental health concerns.

So, whenever you require a root canal treatment in Hyderabad, Capital Dental Care is always at your service. Keep Smiling……😊

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