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A dental implant is an artificial tooth root placed into the jawbone beneath your gums to replace missing teeth. Dental Implants are one of the renowned procedures of cosmetic dentistry. Implant(artificial tooth root) and the prosthetic part(crown) are the two components of Dental Implants. A titanium screw is drilled into the bone to provide anchorage to the supporting structures. It supports prosthetic crowns, bridges and dentures.

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Are you looking for the best alternative to replace your lost natural teeth? We are delighted to say that you have your perfect solution for it. Capital Dental have a team of dedicated and compassionate doctors who are aimed to provide the best dental implant treatment in Hyderabad.

Benefits of Dental Implants


Gives a natural look

Dental implants are placed along your gum line without disturbing the anatomy of the gingiva and supporting structures. It gives a natural tooth appearance, unlike removable prosthesis.


Functional efficiency

As the dental implants are firmly anchored into your jaw bone, it gives stability and support equivalent to that of your natural teeth. 


Prevents bone loss

Dental implants encourage osseointegration and restore the formation of new bone. They also prevent sunken and ageing appearance by restoring the missing teeth.


Improves speech

Dental implants are a permanent solution that improves speech because they let you talk the way you always have.



Dental implants are meant to last a lifetime, and with good at-home dental care and regular checkups and cleanings at our dental office.


high success rate

The success rate of dental implants is as high as 98%. With good dental care, you may be able to keep your natural teeth your entire life.

Dental Implant FAQ’s

Placing Dental Implants takes a lot of factors into consideration. Some of them are having good systemic and oral health, adequate bone height and healthy periodontal tissues. 

Capital Dental is equipped with advanced diagnostic modalities that can help in precise diagnosis and crafting the best treatment plan. Consultation with our experts will help you understand every detail.

Dental Implants are comparatively expensive. Dental Implants offer a lifetime warranty with minimal or no complications. They also offer many advantages when compared to other restorative procedures. Capital Dental is the most affordable Dental Implant clinic in Hyderabad.

Dental Implants are made of durable titanium material. Titanium is one of the most biocompatible materials.

At Capital Dental, we put your safety and health first always.

Dental Implants are designed to replace single or multiple missing teeth. It can also be used for full mouth rehabilitation.

Implant Procedure can be done in a week to 6 months time. It varies from the initial assessment to the placement of final crowns or dentures on the implant. It also depends on the condition of the patient.

Initially, you can experience pain and discomfort at the surgical site when the anesthesia wears off. Your dentist will prescribe medications that can ease the pain.

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At Capital Dental, our doctors have completed advanced training in implant dentistry, so you are in the best of hands.

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