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Best Dental Clinic in Madinaguda & Kondapur

At Capital Dental Care, we help patients achieve the smile they’ve always desired. With a combination of high-tech equipment, modern techniques, state-of-art office, we offer exclusive dental care – filling, cleaning, implants and extractions. We believe in giving patients gentle care, attention and a comfortable dental care experience. We believe in 100% patient satisfaction and ensure that you get the perfect smile.
At Capital Dental Care, we believe in Specialized Dentistry, Personalised Care.

Affordable Dental Treatments Near Madinaguda & Kondapur


To provide patients with the highest standard of hygiene, clinical safety and exceptional care. We aspire to develop a long-term relationship with our patients, based on trust and comfort, while focussing on transparency and ethics. We aim to educate our patients and inspire them to embrace their individual responsibility for long-term health.


We are committed to providing our patients with exceptional dental care at an affordable price. With a highly educated and passionate team, we aim to establish a friendly and compassionate atmosphere, conducive to the highest level of dental health appropriate to the needs of our patients.

New Patient?

Our objective is to get familiar with your past dental experiences, to establish the best suitable treatment plan. We spend time discussing your dental expectations, needs and concerns to understand you. At your initial consultation, we carry out a comprehensive examination of your teeth, jaws and gums to ensure all-round health of your mouth.


312, 3rd floor, AKM's Dharma Rao Signature,
Above Croma showroom,
Deepthisree Nagar, Madinaguda,
Hyderabad 500050


Sriramnagar- block C
Botanical garden road
Near Burfi Ghar sweet shop,
Opp. Chirec school, Kondapur
Hyderabad, Telangana 500084

    Committed To Dental Excellence

    Specialized Dentistry, Personalised Care

    Dr. Yamini Mannava is a passionate doctor and entrepreneur. With 5 national publications, 2 International publications, she started Capital Dental Care with the intention to provide specialized dentistry, personalized care at an economical price. She believes in spreading awareness and the importance of taking responsibility for your own oral hygiene.

    At Capital Dental Care, she believes in creating a more patient- centric service inculcating innovative technologies and state-of-the-art machinery.

    Dr. Yamini Mannava

    MDS Periodontist - Manipal University
    (Specialized in Implant and Laser Dentistry)

    Our Team

    We are a group of energetic, skilled and empathetic dental specialists who care about what’s important to you – achieving a beautiful, healthy smile for life.

    Dr. MOHAN
    (Manipal University)
    Root canal and cosmetic dentistry specialist
    Dr. VARUN
    (Manipal University)
    Specialized in crowns,bridges and implant prosthesis
    Dr. HARSHA
    (Kamineni College)
    Specialized in all types of braces and Invisalign
    Oral Surgeon
    (Siddhartha Dental College)
    Specialized in Tooth extraction, wisdom tooth surgeries and dental emergencies
    (Manipal University)
    Children oral care specialist

    Complete Care on Your Schedule

    Bringing Life to Your Smile
    Advance Treatment​

    Modern and advanced treatments for exceptional dental care. Ranging from implants, whitening, to complete dentures and smile redesigning.

    Guaranteed Results​

    100% satisfaction. We discuss your needs and concerns in detail, to give you personalised dental care and guaranteed results.

    Modern Equipment ​

    Use of advanced and modern instruments like RVG Sensor, Intraoral camera, cordless endomotors, etc for outstanding treatments.

    Our Services

    We Have All Your Dental Needs Covered

    Root Canal Treatment

    Involves removal of infected tissues and blood vessels from the infected root canal, cleaning, disinfecting, and filling the canals with an inert material to seal them. A crown is fitted after root canal treatment.


    A screw-like surgical fixture is placed into the jawbone to replace a missing tooth. A crown is then placed on this screw to look and function as the crown portion of the natural tooth.


    Use of dental lasers ensure a quicker, and more comfortable treatment. They can be used to cure dental fillings, treat periodontal diseases, recontour the gum line, etc.

    Teeth Whitening

    Brightens discoloured and stained teeth to restore the natural colour of your teeth. It is a one time procedure.

    Invisible Braces

    Braces help in correction of misaligned teeth without the hassle of metal wires and brackets in your mouth. Comfortable and removable, invisible braces are lightweight and fit perfectly to your teeth.

    Crowns & Bridges

    Custom-made to cover or encircle a tooth and cover gaps created by missing teeth, crowns and bridges are dental restorations
    designed to blend in with  your natural teeth.

    Smile Designing

    We transform your smile to improve your self esteem and improve jaw function. Using combination treatments like gum contouring,
    teeth whitening, veneering, etc., we give you the smile makeover that you deserve.

    Children Dental Care

    Milk teeth are the foundation of permanent teeth. Fluoride treatment, habit counseling, correction of misaligned teeth, treatment of cavities or injuries form the basis of child dental care.

    Complete Dentures

    Custom made, these removable appliances are artificial teeth. They enable normal functioning of your mouth in case of missing teeth and tissues.

    Wisdom Tooth Extractions

    Wisdom teeth that erupt partially exert pressure on other teeth causing pain. Our dentists take special care to make the extraction painless and comfortable.

    Periodontal Flap Surgeries

    Periodontal Flap surgery restores the damage caused by advanced gum diseases to give you healthy gums and mouth.

    Teeth Scaling

    Scaling of teeth is one of the most important preventive treatment
    for healthy teeth. It includes removal of plaque, flossing, and polishing of teeth.

    Happy Customers

    What patients have to say about us.
    I have visited Capital Dental care for a Root canal treatment, Wisdom teeth extraction. They have amazing and latest equipment like instant X-ray machine among others. The have good experienced Doctors and follow up post treatment is great! I have visited other Dental clinics previously but this clinic clearly is the best among the others!! Thank you CDC!!!
    Naveen Ala
    Had for the first time extraction of wisdom tooth here. After initial pain for two days, It got normal within a week. I was expecting more time to get normal with persistent pain and swelling as many told me, but to the doctor's credit, the extraction was pretty painless and after extraction pain and medication is also very minimal which is really very good in my experience. I see some proper sterilization process also being taken here.
    Keerthi Kasyap
    One of the best experiences. I have been having very sensitive teeth and have been having various dental problems since my childhood and this has by far been the best experience. The doctors made me feel comfortable and it was reasonably priced. I had 3 teeth extracted and I did not feel a thing !
    Mona 9894
    Thanks Capital Dental Care ..:) Viewers I got my root canal done for posterior tooth.. fantastic job done . Affordable and great care taken. Guys this is my first ever visit to a dentist. To all first timers this is a best place for great care and value for money. Covid precautions are well taken care.
    Ganesh Bharadwaj
    I visited capital dental clinic for rct for my mother. the doctor is very friendly and the clinic premises are very clean. Doctor is very friendly and given a very comprehensive feedback on the issue and made the treatment understandable to the patient. would definitely recommend this place for personalized care and professional treatment.
    Aditya Sarma

    Happy Patients

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      312, 3rd floor, AKM's Dharma Rao Signature,
      Above Croma showroom,
      Deepthisree Nagar, Madinaguda,
      Hyderabad 500050


      Sriramnagar- block C
      Botanical garden road
      Near Burfi Ghar sweet shop,
      Opp. Chirec school, Kondapur
      Hyderabad, Telangana 500084


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